HAIR / Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

So, there are some strange words, phrases and abbreviations in the ‘natural hair’ world and some of them, if not all are pretty hard to comprehend. As if keeping up with your natural hair isn’t hard enough. But fear not, that’s what I’m here for. I will be explaining some natural hair slang or terms to give you an idea of what these words mean. Some of you might already know these terms but there’s someone out there (there always is) who has no clue what some of these words mean. Here we go..

Big Chop (BC): This means cutting off all your hair in order to start anew.

TWA: Teeny Weeny Afro. This is in the early stages of your natural hair journey right after a big chop. The hair length is usually about half an inch to an inch long.

Wash and Go (WnG): Like the name suggests, you wash and you go. It basically means you wash and style your hair all at once, not waiting for it to dry but letting your hair air-dry.

PrePoo: This is when you saturate your hair with oil or a deep conditioner for about 30 minutes or more before washing it.

Co-wash: When your hair is washed with conditioner only. This helps prevent the moisture stripping effect shampoo has on your hair.

LOC Method: Liquid Oil Cream. It is a method of moisture retention. It begins after your hair is washed and then followed by a Liquid moisturizer (water or liquid leave-in conditioner) then an Oil of your choice, and finally a Cream moisturizer.

LOCO Method: Similar to the LOC method but the final product is another round of Oil of your choice.

ACV Rinse: Apple Cider Vinegar rinse is used as a clarifying agent. Made with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water, it is used when washing your hair. It helps get rid of product build-up, treats dandruff, cleanses the scalp and keeps hair shiny.

DIY: Do It Yourself.

TwistOut: Hair is braided in at least four sections into two-stranded twists. Later separate the twists after your hair is about 90% dry.

Braid-out: Similar to twist-outs but the hair is braided into three strands just like box braids and later separated after it’s dried.

Did I leave any terms out? Which ones did you know and which ones didn’t you know about? Thanks for reading, see you on the next one.


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