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Hi loves, I just wanted to share with you a frequently asked question I get about my hair.  “What do you do to your hair?”  I always say “I take care of it” but what does that mean really mean? I do quite a lot with/to my hair but here are 5 of the lot I do to grow my natural hair out. Enjoy!

Moisturize & Seal– I know you’ve heard it a billion times but let me reiterate Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! and seal everyday (yes everyday) It will make your life so much easier! Curly hair or ‘natural hair’ is naturally prone to dryness so it is perfectly normal, but it can be countered. I use plain old water as a moisturizer most of the time, water is a supreme moisturizer that is why all the best moisturizers are water based. Water/water based moisturizers alone don’t get the job done, I wish it was that easy.Let’s compare our hair to skin, it gets dry and flaky or ‘ashy’ when we don’t moisturize after a shower right? Same goes for our hair. All the moisture loaded in your hair from washing/wetting it evaporates when you don’t seal it in. Sealants are your oils and butters (coconut oil, olive oil, Shea butter etc.) they help keep the moisture in your hair longer. The same principle applies when oils are used on hair without moisturizing with water or water-based moisturizers.  Oil and water usually don’t mix, but on your hair these two are best buds!

Deep Conditioning– One of the many things I have learned to be important for my hair growth is deep conditioning. It’s just like moisturizing but on a higher level. It puts moisture and strength back into your hair after washing and also helps prevent breakage. Incorporating deep conditioning into your washing routine every time you wash will definitely make your natural hair growth journey easier.

Less Manipulation– Less Manipulation doesn’t mean you can’t do anything  with your hair, it’s all about moderation and keeping it simple. Low manipulation styles like twist outs & buns (my fav), braid outs are great. Regular and excessive use of combs snap hair strands by ripping through knots causing breakage. This can be solved by detangling by hand from time to time, knots are not ripped out but dissolved because it can be felt by the hand. Protective styles are great don’t get me wrong but having them back to back and for longer periods of time causes more harm than good to your hair like breakage, dryness etc.

Nutrition- The health of your hair is a true reflection of what you put into your body. The best way to nourish your hair is to follow a diet full of vitamins, proteins, good fats and other minerals. Protein and omega-3 acids help your hair follicles, scalp and strands thrive while iron, zinc, vitamins A, B, C & E keep strands strong and makes your hair full. Hair pills are expensive and a waste of money in my opinion because they contain all the minerals and vitamins that occur naturally in many foods we eat. Long story short, don’t waste your hard-earned cash on something you can get from following a healthy diet.

Patience!– I say to people you tell me “my hair is just not growing” to have patience. According to research, hair is the fastest growing natural tissue in the body so sit back, relax and let your hair do its thing! you’ve put in the work.

Got any questions or additional tips? What do you guys do to grow out your hair?



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