REVIEWS & COLLABS / Friday, February 10th, 2017

Hello my loves, as you can probably tell from the title, this post is about the my favorite things for the month of January. It took a while to compile this list because there was a lot of stuff I tried and loved last month. I wanted to keep this list short and sweet so here we go…

apricot scrubSt. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub and Spin Brush: I put these two together because they work the best that way, I call them the power duo. The apricot scrub is a daily exfoliate, it prevents blemishes and minimizes pores. It is sulfate free, paraben free, and uses 100% natural exfoliants. The spin brush is one I got on the cheap side but works just fine. It is battery operated and water resistant so you can use it in the shower. I exfoliate my face with these two daily, and my skin is so smooth after. My skin has been looking so much better since I started using the power duo. Love them!

Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier: Can I just tell you how much I’m in love with this hair product?! I’m going to tell you even if you don’t want to hear it. I stumbled on this product by accident (as I always do) as I was shopping around for some hair products. The bottle captured my attention, so I opened it…smelled it…and that’s when I fell in love, it smelled divine. It is a daily moisturizer and conditioner made out of coconut extract. I used it when I had my hair in braids and when I took the braids out, my hair was soft and manageable. I didn’t want to wash it out. It does a good job at moisturizing my hair and it smells like coconuts, the kind made in heaven… LOL! That’s why it made my favorites list for the month of January.

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar: I have been using apple cider vinegar for a while now and I love it. I hated the smell when I started using it but I got used to it. There are lots of different brands of apple cider vinegar but I love Bragg’s, it just works better, and it’s organic. Apple cider has a lot of uses and benefits. Some use it as a cleaner, others in their salad dressing and also to cure various ailments. I mix couple tablespoons with water and gulp it down once a while, as it has several health benefits. The number one thing I use apple cider for is zits! AKA pimples. Once you feel one trying to appear on your skin, just dab apple cider vinegar on it. I promise you, (I don’t make promises I can’t keep) your zit AKA pimple will vanish/decrease in size in two days. You can get Bragg’s apple cider vinegar in any supermarket or online for less than $5.00.

Elf Liquid Eyeliner: If you are a makeup novice like myself, you have to get this eyeliner. It makes it easy to get the perfect stroke without even trying. Plus it is super cheap, which is one of the reasons I love elf products. Most of their products sell for about $2.00-$5.00.

Nike Pro Classic Sports Bra: This sports bra is my favorite because it is comfortable, has no padding and holds everything in place. As a grown woman,(yes, I’m grown!!) I have come to appreciate quality over quantity. Most of my sports bras rip and wear out but my Nike pro classic sports bra is still good as new, and therefore made the list for January’s favorites.
Thanks for reading my very first favorites post, stop by again for the next one.



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