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Hi my loves, I have an exciting post for you, it’s about a very simple protective style I have been loving and rocking for about a month now. This is my first time wearing a wig and I must say, It’s addicting. I don’t have to deal with my hair on a daily basis, I just put it in cornrows and don on the wig, Super simple! I bought this curly wig about two years ago but never put it on or used it for some reason. Well my hair was shorter at the time plus I didn’t know how to put it on correctly. I wanted it to look natural whenever I wore it but it looked super “wiggy”, horrible! So I put it away in storage until recently. In this post, I will be sharing with you tips and tricks to blend your hair (natural or relaxed) with a curly wig and make it look natural and fool people into thinking it grew from your scalp (that’s the goal right?).

So the hair unit I got is the “Cynthia” Freetress front lace curly wig in the color 1B. I got it from a local beauty store but you can definitely get it online too.

This protective style took about 30 minutes for me because I’m really bad at cornrows. But, it can literally take 10 minutes if you are a pro at cornrows.
I did this after my regular wash routine. So, make sure your hair is tangle-free, clean, moisturized and dry before doing anything else. After you are done washing, drying and moisturizing, follow the rest of the steps below..

how to make a curly wig look natural

  • Part the front of your hair from ear to ear with a comb or your hand. That will be your leave-out.
  • Put the rest of your hair in a low pony-tail. (see top left picture above)
    You can actually stop here and tuck-in the pony-tail without putting your hair in cornrows.
    But if you have shorter hair, put the rest of your hair in cornrows. (see bottom left picture)
  • Re-moisturize the front part you made earlier for your leave-out.
    You can add a little bit of gel to your hair if you like. Gel makes your curls more defined.
  • Cornrow the leave-out hair from ear to ear.
    Or if you are terrible at cornrows like me, make about four single twists along your hair-line and lay them flat. (See top right picture)
  • Hopefully you already cut the front lace off of your wig.
  • Put on your wig directly behind the twists or cornrows you made at the front of your hairline.
    Make sure wig is secured well and flat
  • Unravel those twists or cornrows, separate your curls and blend in with the wig. Hair pins can help you blend your hair and the wig better. (bottom right picture) VOILA!
    There are lots of other styles you can do with a curly wig, so be creative with it.
    Thanks for reading this one hope you enjoyed it and see you on the next post.


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