This is the third smoothie in my smoothie recipe series, and probably one I make often. The lean green smoothie as I call it is what I drink whenever I need a detox. I have this smoothie almost every morning, first thing that goes into my stomach. I take this lean green smoothie whenever I feel bloated or I feel like my skin is really irritated. Drinking this smoothie everyday as part of your breakfast can help with weight loss. It is made with spinach, we all know spinach has a lot of health benefits. Spinach is a super food loaded with antioxidants and minerals such as vitamin A, K, C, Iron, Potassium, etc. Spinach is high in fiber, low in calories and important for healthy skin, hair, eyes and bone health. I add bananas and apples to add more nutrition value and also sweeten up the smoothie to make it tolerable, so don’t get thrown off by the green color. This lean green smoothie is so simple to make and delicious.

INGREDIENTS (for one serving)

  • Handful of Spinach or half a cup
  • Half of a small Apple
  • Half of a medium-sized Banana
  • One and half cup of Water

**Put all the ingredients into a blender, Blend till smooth and enjoy!**

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Hi my loves, I have an exciting post for you, it’s about a very simple protective style I have been loving and rocking for about a month now. This is my first time wearing a wig and I must say, It’s addicting. I don’t have to deal with my hair on a daily basis, I just put it in cornrows and don on the wig, Super simple! I bought this curly wig about two years ago but never put it on or used it for some reason. Well my hair was shorter at the time plus I didn’t know how to put it on correctly. I wanted it to look natural whenever I wore it but it looked super “wiggy”, horrible! So I put it away in storage until recently. In this post, I will be sharing with you tips and tricks to blend your hair (natural or relaxed) with a curly wig and make it look natural and fool people into thinking it grew from your scalp (that’s the goal right?).

So the hair unit I got is the “Cynthia” Freetress front lace curly wig in the color 1B. I got it from a local beauty store but you can definitely get it online too.

This protective style took about 30 minutes for me because I’m really bad at cornrows. But, it can literally take 10 minutes if you are a pro at cornrows.
I did this after my regular wash routine. So, make sure your hair is tangle-free, clean, moisturized and dry before doing anything else. After you are done washing, drying and moisturizing, follow the rest of the steps below..

how to make a curly wig look natural

  • Part the front of your hair from ear to ear with a comb or your hand. That will be your leave-out.
  • Put the rest of your hair in a low pony-tail. (see top left picture above)
    You can actually stop here and tuck-in the pony-tail without putting your hair in cornrows.
    But if you have shorter hair, put the rest of your hair in cornrows. (see bottom left picture)
  • Re-moisturize the front part you made earlier for your leave-out.
    You can add a little bit of gel to your hair if you like. Gel makes your curls more defined.
  • Cornrow the leave-out hair from ear to ear.
    Or if you are terrible at cornrows like me, make about four single twists along your hair-line and lay them flat. (See top right picture)
  • Hopefully you already cut the front lace off of your wig.
  • Put on your wig directly behind the twists or cornrows you made at the front of your hairline.
    Make sure wig is secured well and flat
  • Unravel those twists or cornrows, separate your curls and blend in with the wig. Hair pins can help you blend your hair and the wig better. (bottom right picture) VOILA!
    There are lots of other styles you can do with a curly wig, so be creative with it.
    Thanks for reading this one hope you enjoyed it and see you on the next post.



layered berry smoothie

Hello lovely people, I will be sharing yet another smoothie recipe with you and I hope you make it, share it and love it. This is the second smoothie recipe in my smoothie series and is one of my favorites. I call this the Double Berry Layered smoothie for obvious reasons. It is a combination of a strawberry and blueberry smoothie layered in one jar. This smoothie is delicious, if I do say so myself! You can have it for breakfast as it has protein in it from the yogurt. Or you can have it as a post-workout snack to refuel your sore muscles or enjoy it any time of day. Smoothies are so simple to make just gather your favorite ingredients, put them in a blender and voila!

Ingredients (one serving)
5 Medium frozen Strawberries (you can definitely use fresh strawberries)
1 Small banana (sliced up and frozen)
1/2 Cup Frozen Blueberries
1/2 Cup Greek yogurt
1/2 Cup water
2 Teaspoons honey

Put frozen strawberries and half of the frozen banana in a blender
Divide the half cup of Greek yogurt into two
Put one half in the blender with the strawberries and banana
Add one teaspoon of honey, add a little bit of water if smoothie is too thick and blend together.
Pour smoothie into a mason jar

Rinse out the blender and put in frozen blueberries and other half of the banana
Add other half of the Greek yogurt and honey
Again, add water if too thick but don’t make it watery
Layer the strawberry smoothie on top of the blueberry in a mason jar
*you can use a spoon to layer instead of pouring. Makes it easier*
Stick a straw in it after layering, take a few pictures of your pretty and delicious smoothie and ENJOY!


Carbs               45.8g
Calories             222
Fat                         0.8
Protein              11.9g
Fiber                   6.3g


smoothie bowl

Hi loves,
I have a really simple recipe for you today, this smoothie bowl is great for breakfast or for whenever you want. Smoothies are my favorite easy meals to make. They are a great way to get your daily dose of fruits and veggies and can be a fast meal when you have limited time to prepare a full meal. This blueberry smoothie is made with just three ingredients; blueberries,banana, and almond milk and then topped with your favorite toppings. This blueberry smoothie bowl recipe is going to be the first in my smoothie recipe series, so watch out for more smoothie recipes coming up.

Ingredients (Makes 2 servings)
1 cup Frozen Blueberries
1 Medium Banana (sliced and frozen)
1 1/2 Cups Almond milk or any plant based milk


Before anything, slice up banana and freeze for at least an hour.
PS. Don’t forget to peel bananas before freezing them! It happens to the best of us
Put all ingredients into a blender ad blend away till smooth.
Pour mixture into a bowl
Put your favorite toppings on and enjoy.

Calories           118
Fat                      2.4g
Cholesterol        0
Potassium     360mg
Carbs               29.5g
Protein             1.2g
Iron                     2.5%
Calcium            22.5%


natural hair

So, there are some strange words, phrases and abbreviations in the ‘natural hair’ world and some of them, if not all are pretty hard to comprehend. As if keeping up with your natural hair isn’t hard enough. But fear not, that’s what I’m here for. I will be explaining some natural hair slang or terms to give you an idea of what these words mean. Some of you might already know these terms but there’s someone out there (there always is) who has no clue what some of these words mean. Here we go..

Big Chop (BC): This means cutting off all your hair in order to start anew.

TWA: Teeny Weeny Afro. This is in the early stages of your natural hair journey right after a big chop. The hair length is usually about half an inch to an inch long.

Wash and Go (WnG): Like the name suggests, you wash and you go. It basically means you wash and style your hair all at once, not waiting for it to dry but letting your hair air-dry.

PrePoo: This is when you saturate your hair with oil or a deep conditioner for about 30 minutes or more before washing it.

Co-wash: When your hair is washed with conditioner only. This helps prevent the moisture stripping effect shampoo has on your hair.

LOC Method: Liquid Oil Cream. It is a method of moisture retention. It begins after your hair is washed and then followed by a Liquid moisturizer (water or liquid leave-in conditioner) then an Oil of your choice, and finally a Cream moisturizer.

LOCO Method: Similar to the LOC method but the final product is another round of Oil of your choice.

ACV Rinse: Apple Cider Vinegar rinse is used as a clarifying agent. Made with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water, it is used when washing your hair. It helps get rid of product build-up, treats dandruff, cleanses the scalp and keeps hair shiny.

DIY: Do It Yourself.

TwistOut: Hair is braided in at least four sections into two-stranded twists. Later separate the twists after your hair is about 90% dry.

Braid-out: Similar to twist-outs but the hair is braided into three strands just like box braids and later separated after it’s dried.

Did I leave any terms out? Which ones did you know and which ones didn’t you know about? Thanks for reading, see you on the next one.